Oscar697 Vermouth Rosso



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Liquorice instead of Cinchona to improve the mix and not stopping the drinkability of the Vermouth.  Liquorice cleans much better your mouth than China. Natural  Caramel  to  colour the  liquid instead of Artificial Caramel  to  add a  sweeter note  and  to  cut the  alcoholic strength of  the  liquid. Trebbiano  di  Romagna  as wine base  because it’s neutral and  it lasts much more  than Moscato or  Cortese.1 6%  ABV.  The minimum according to the EU disciplinary products.  Now it has been lowered at14.5% ABV. 140g per litre of  Sugar.  The minimum according to the EU disciplinary. Drier is better in mixology! It perfectly matches with  London Dry  Gin,  Rhum, Mezcal and Whisky  (Bourbon,  Rye and  Scotch)  because it cuts the  Spirit’s ABV  and it enhances aroma of  the main Spirit. Limited Production per single batch:  16.000 lt.